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Located four miles west of the current townsite, the Hellgate Trading Post was initially established in 1860 to trade with Indians, miners traveling through the area, ranchers, and farmers settled in adjoining valleys. Missoula soon blossomed into a town of 300 people in 1883 when the Northern Pacific Railroad made its pass through the valley on its way to the west coast, and continued to grow to a size of 12,000 by 1920 with an economy based on trade, timber and agriculture. During this period of time, the city was incorporated and things were beginning to look up for this part of the state.

Home to the University of Montana which was constructed in 1895, the USDA Forest Service District Headquarters in 1908, and the county seat since 1860, Missoula was beginning to take a hold as one of Montana's foremost cities and economies.

Known as the "Garden City" for its forested, lush surroundings and plentiful fresh water, Missoula continues to be at the head of Montana cities in culture, community and bringing in national events to our local venues. Considered by many to be the most liberal town of Montana; Missoula stays active year round with events, outdoor activities, local breweries, and an abundance of city parks to help chase away the creeping cabin-fever.

Map of Glacial Lake Missoula

Glacial Lake Missoula

Find details about what Glacial Lake Missoula was and how it shaped Missoula's landscape.

Old-time photograph of men in suits.

Missoula History

Learn more Missoula's history.

Illustration of a tree in all four seasons.

The Four Seasons

One of the best things about Missoula is that, unlinke other places, we do have all four seasons.


What can the four seasons bring? Weather...

The University of Montana

The University of Montana

Located under Mt. Sentinel, The University of Montana is one of Missoula's hot spots.

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