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olfing in Missoula

Missoula is host to a large population of folfers (disc-golfers) that actively drag themselves out at the crack of noon to hit those courses. This is not to say that the local folfers are lazy. Far from it in fact. They just enjoy the finer things in life, such as sleeping in and taking their time. If you're a beginner, then you are also in a good place to be learning. Here in Missoula the folfers are friendly and helpful; often letting you play through their slower moving and larger groups. For additional information on folfing in Missoula or around the Rockies, visit the Northern Rockies Disc Golf Association's website, or the Garden City Flyers website.

The courses

Blue Mountain

The hiker's course. This area spreads across a large expanse on the face of Blue Mountain located just south of Missoula. The first half of the course is mostly open with occasional tree obstacles that can block the view of the basket, followed by the second half of the course which dives down into the wooded ravines of Blue Mountain. The second half can require a skilled hand at tree-dodging; though the fairways themselves are fairly clear if you can keep from playing in the rough. Overall, a "big-arm" course that requires plenty of long shots.

Pattee Canyon

A technical course set in the Pattee Canyon recreation area that will find the player in amongst the trees after the first few holes. Often over-crowded after the 5:00pm work hour has been reached, this course is likely the most popular course in the valley and around Missoula with a waiting line gathering at the first hole. This crowd, however, is no reason to skip this course as it provides a great challenge for folf players of all skill levels.

Snow Bowl

Take the lift ride to the top! Seriously, you get a view before you start playing, and during the course of play you are awarded plenty of views of the Missoula Valley when teeing down the 1,100+ ft. hole that plays down a ski run. The added bonus of this course is that it boasts a restaurant and bar at the base of the lift near the parking lot.

Lolo Hot Springs

This is Western Montana's newest Folf Course; starting directly behind the bar & restaurant you can play a full 18 holes. Currently the course has posts but will be changing out to baskets during the summer of 2013. Opening when the snow clears in spring and closing the beginning of November. After a day playing, relax in the hot springs and enjoy a full bar and restaurant on site. More information to come.


A public folf course out in Frenchtown (less than 20 miles west of Missoula) that is quiet, uncrowded, and dog friendly (in fact, all courses are).

To get there:

  1. Hop on I90 heading west out of Missoula toward Frenchtown.
  2. Take exit 89 and turn right at the top of the exit ramp followed by an immediate left (heading west now) onto Frenchtown Frontage Road.
  3. Drive about 1 mile and turn right onto Roman Creek Road. (If you've reached Frenchtown Pond State Park, then you've gone too far!)
  4. Drive about 1 mile up Roman Creek Road, and as the road begins to hang a left you'll want to stay right onto a small dirt road that begins to head up into the hills. (This is still Roman Creek Road, the paved road you just left is now Sorrel Springs Lane)
  5. Follow this road up another mile or so past the houses and you'll eventually see a small parking area on your left. Park here and the first hole should be in sight. (The opening drive shoots across the road you were just on and heads up hill to the rest of the course).

UM Campus

There are probably more courses on the UM campus than there are holes in a regular course. Players are often unpopular with the student and faculty crowd during the busier school year (though choosing your playing time wisely helps reduce the impact), and often the varying courses are only populated during the quiet summer months. Folfers are encouraged to create their own course by choosing reasonable targets that don't break or scratch; a true free-form folfer's dream course with both "big-arm" shots capable of being created and technical shots around every corner.

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