Skiing & Snowboarding

Up and down the mountain you go, seemingly oblivious to the dangers of such speeds within close proximity to the solid dendrological wonders known simply by their appearance as "snow ghosts." Do you ski? Do you ride? The powder calls your name regardless. To you, winter-activist, I say, "Go. Search. Explore! Leave the valleys below for the thin air of the alpine crests and dare to see what lies on the other side."

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Montana Snowbowl
1700 Snowbowl Road
1-800-728-2695 Missoula
Lost Trail Powder Mountain
588 Morris Ln W
406-821-3211 Darby
Lookout Pass
I-90 Exit 0
208-744-1301 Mullan, ID
Blacktail Mountain
7220 US Highway 93
406-844-0999 Lakeside
Whitefish Mountain
3910 Big Mountain Road
1-877-754-3474 Whitefish