in Missoula, Montana

Things to Do

Trying to busy yourself during your stay (be it short or long term)? We've got plenty to do, and plenty to see, and plenty of citizens out there doing it right now. Find out where to go or what to do in a few clicks!

Abstract art with yellow and red tones.

Cultural Activities and Sites

History, art, artifacts. Generally speaking, old stuff with a dash of new.

Missoula breweries - Artistic rendering of a brewing peering into the brew kettle.


Hark! Beer! Locally brewed and enjoyed!

Montgomery Distillery Liquid Rye


Drink your daily dose of bread.

Foosball figurines ready to play.


Movie theaters, galleries, bars and a smathering of what is fun.

A crowd of concert-goers.


Come celebrate any and everything we can find to cheer about!

Building fronts in a ghost town.

Ghost Towns

Who you gonna call?! That's right, the Bureau of Land Management or Montana Parks Department.

Gold pan with rocks and gold nuggets.

Gold and Gem Mining

It is still in the river and in the rocks... can you find any? If so, please mail location to:...

Hiker with pack in Glacier National Park.

Outdoor Recreation

Outfitters and places to go and see if you're longing to leave the confines of your house.

Floating the River.


Want to get away from it all?

Storefronts in Missoula.


Got some extra cash in your wallet begging to be let free?

Mountain goat in the sunlight.

Watchable Wildlife

We're close to the wilderness. So much so that quite a bit of it practically joins you for dinner.

Wine and glass on a wooden table.


Come for a taste, a glass or a bottle.

Snowboarder catching some air.

Winter Activities

Fun, fun, fun on the snow, snow, snow!

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