Missoula Wayfinding

Developing an attractive multi-faceted navigation and marketing program to enhance the Garden City experience for visitors and residents alike


Utilizing a combination of sophisticated tools to help navigate around Missoula destinations and promote all the best that Missoula has to offer. Examples of Wayfinding System Tools:

  • Pre-arrival technology (websites)
  • In-town technology (mobile apps and bar coding)
  • Cohesive signage and kiosks (interactive)


For nearly 2 years, representatives from a cross-section of Missoula's businesses, government and attractions have been meeting to create a Wayfinding system for Missoula. After much discussion and fundraising, and an extensive selection process, MERJE was chosen to design our system.

Addressing a Need

Missoula would gain from an integrated strategy to help visitors and residents get around and benefit from all that Missoula has to offer. An approach that underscores the unique, engaging character of the place and that:

  • declutters excessive signage
  • improves parking and transportation
  • simplifies accessing destinations
  • increases the positive economic impact of visitors to Missoula

Learning More

MERJE will be leading a planning process during the first half of 2013. Initial public meetings begin in late-February. Everyone is invited to come and give your input on creation and implementation of our city identity.

Please contact Melanie Brock, Director of communications for this project at 406.543.4238 or mda@missouladowntown.com with any questions or comments regarding this project.

Wayfinding Results

Initial Design Concepts Presentation as presented by Merje Design on June 12, 2013.