in Missoula, Montana

Winter Activities

Come find the fun in the snow here in Missoula this year. With all the possibilities there's no reason to stay inside and hunker next to the space heater... get out there and create your own warmth while having fun at the same time! With an average winter time low of 18 degrees Fahrenheit in January, you'll find plenty of reason to keep those bones moving.

Snowboarder catching air.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Downhill, uphill, downhill, uphill... ad nauseum.

Cross country skiers among Snow Ghosts.

X-Country Skiing

Do you love golf courses but hate to golf? You must be a X-Country Skier!

Snowmobile tread.


Miles of snow and ice await to give you the ride of your life!

Hockey skate shearing ice.

Ice Skating

It used to be a method of carving ice for to keep people's drinks cold... now it's just a sport.

Ice fisher peering down a hole in early morning.

Ice Fishing

Nothing says male-bonding like a 36 of Schlitz, a small radio and a shack on seasonal surfaces.

Steam raises from a hot pot.

Hot Springs

Don't forget to forget your swimsuit!

Illustration of sleigh riders.

Sleigh Rides

Can anybody say "low-impact?"

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