Plan Your Vacation

Planning can make or break some people's vacations or outings. While this isn't a hard-set rule when it comes to traveling or doing anything, many people feel more secure in their decisions when a plan has been laid out, and if you're here you may just be one of those folks we are here to cater. These following links should be able to help get you moving in the direction you want your vacation to go.

Hotel bed and pillows.

Where to Stay

Picture this: sawing logs.

Man and wife cheering with champagne.


More involved than simply eloping, but the gifts are nice!

Bus stop sign.


How to get here. How to get around when you arrive and lots of maps.

A couple traveling in a convertible through the countryside.

Day Trips

A couple of suggestions where to go for the day.

Golden Retriever standing in the back of an SUV.

Bringing Your Dog

Everyone loves to take the whole family on vacation, get some tips and information on bringing Fido along too!

A couple sitting on a dock.

25 Things To Do

What we think you should do before you leave.

A couple sitting on a dock.

25 Things To Do with Kids

Got little ones to entertain?

Surgeon's hands in latex gloves.

Medical Services

Get the services you need, when you need them.

Surgeon's hands in latex gloves.

Real Estate

Like it so much you're looking to buy?

Aerial shot of Missoula.

Services and Organizations

For all your other Missoula-area needs.

A hymnal laying open.

Worship Options

We're mindful of our devout population and visitors.

Hands holding money.

Travel Deals

How can we encourage you to stop on by this way?

Hands holding money.

Visitor Services

Need some help planning your trip?