Take a spa day in Missoula

Whether you need to simply get away from it all for a few hours, or you've got an extra couple of hours on hand that you would love to get pampered, then stopping by one of Missoula's spas would be an ideal afternoon getaway. There are enough spas that you can find one reasonably close to you (but then, what is even far away in Missoula?). So go ahead and take care of yourself... spend a little time getting back in touch with your relaxation, forget about the worries of the world for awhile and hit the rest of your week, month, year feeling refreshed!

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Other Listings

All That Jazz Salon & Day Spa

  • 2100 Stephens Ave #102
  • 406-542-2000
  • Website

Bella Sauvage Facial Spa

  • 629 Woody St
  • 406-541-9032
  • Website

Cedar Creek Salon & Day Spa

  • 216 W Main St #210
  • 406-543-0200
  • Website

Changes the Salon & Day Spa

  • 2100 Stephens Ave #121
  • 406-543-8051
  • Website

Sorella's Salon & Day Spa

  • 207 E Main St
  • 406-721-3639
  • Website

Spa At The Peak

  • 5000 Blue Mountain Road
  • 406-251-8200
  • Website